Sony TRV33 - still the only true 16:9 available?


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I'm being badgered by my wife to invest in a video camera (the things we have to put up with:D ) However, I am on a limited budget. The thing is I don't really see the point of investing in a non 16:9 capable camcorder when the footage to be taken will be around for years to come.

Is the TRV33 still the only 16:9 available or are there more models available please?


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The Key Word is ANAMORPHIC. My old (2000) Canon MV200 is anamorphic also. The difference is the Sony puts 2 bar in the LCD viewfinder and the Canon shows the anamorphic picture. The TRV33 was £534 at Comet yesterday, discontinued line.


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The TRV33 is available online for around £480 but it's more than I want to pay.

Looking at the specs of the major manufacturers neither 16:9 or anamorphic are anywhere to be seen.


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The Sony Pc330 offers 'True 16:9' (what ever that is!) They are around £1000 though.
They have loads of toys on them and are cute and cuddly!!
Any help?


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e-bay auctioned a working canon mv200 for £180 recently. I have a trv330 and a canon mv200 (both anamorphic, ie true 16:9 and i have not seem any significant difference in picture quality.


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Just bought a Panasonic NV-DS60B at less than 340 squids and I've played back a lot of footage on the widescreen telly and the pictures are great - no distortion or thick black lines. I suppose this is whats known as anamorphic


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Originally posted by witters
Not really - I don't want to spend £480 never mind £1K:)

I've just bought a widescreen TV and this weekend I took my first ever widescreen footage using my TRV33. I must say that the results were excellent, so I'll be sticking to widescreen from now on.

You say that you don't really want to spend £480. What is your budget, and is this £480 really too much? I'm afraid that if you want good results then I think you'll be lucky to find as a good a camcorder as the TRV33 for less.

Having said this, if you don't mind waiting, I'm sure Sony will be bringing new models out, maybe sometime later this year, in which case, when this happens you will probably find that the TRV33 will be reduced in price to clear stock and may then fall within your budget (assuming the TRV33 is one of the models that is being replaced!).

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