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OK so it looks like the HC40 is a direct replacement for the TRV33 (which I had decided on after several weeks' due diligence).

I am wondering whether it is worth waiting for the TRV33 to drop in price as retailers shift their remaining stock (they are currently both available around £500 or just above).

This is my first ever camcorder, and I cannot tell whether there are any significant differences in functionality - the main difference I can see is that HC40 is 100g lighter at 400g.

Why should I buy the HC40 rather than the TRV33, especially if the TRV33 becomes much cheaper in the near future? Usage will be typical family/kids holidays, parties, etc.

(BTW - this site and boards are excellent, it would have taken me months to learn what I now know after a couple of weeks research these boards).


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as an addition to this query (I hope you don't mind jiffy), now that I have sent my panasonic nvg50b back as the indoor picture quality was so rubbish I was going to go for a trv22 as it seemed quite a good deal.

But now I take it that Jiffy is right and the price of the trv33 will drop considerably now it has a replacement?

PS I'm just after a decent indoor picture, not too fussed over all the mod cons, etc.


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I'm in the process of deciding between the two cameras. Several reviews on the HC40 have mentioned that the menu system can be fiddly specially when trying to adjust the focus. The trv33 has had some excellent reviews.

If anybody has any other cameras to suggest let us know.


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From what I have read about the new 2004 sony models, they seem to be a downgrade from last years models.
They are smaller and lighter, but they have smaller CCD's than the trv models (1/6th" compared to 1/4"). The larger the ccd the better the picture quality.
According to sites such as, the new models are being pitched more at beginners, and so they have focused on making the cameras easy to use, rather than increasing performance. I would go for a trv model, if you can still get one.
I recently bought a pcr105 - still available for around the £400 mark (try
I thought about getting one of the newer hc models, but decided that I was gettting more camera for my money with the pc103, especially as it was reduced for clearance.

Hope this helps, guys. :smashin:


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i had trv33 for some time and it is fine camera for the money.
however recent prices on trv60 (even trv80) are to go for (models are discontinued now)

new camera series is clear downgrade from sony, as reported from many magazines and proffesionals.


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