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hi i hope you can help
i have just purchased a sony trv14e camcorder i am very pleased with it so far but i seem to hit a brick wall,
the problem is with sond, i get sound on playback and even when i put it on the tv, i have put all the software as directed by the manual onto my laptop ( samsung V20 ) i go into image mixer and . i click on play ........ picture but no sound, i have checked the sound levels on the pc they are ok

can you please help i am desperate.....

many thanks Andy Dutton
How are you connecting the cam to the laptop? Firewire or analogue?
Have you tried any other software? If you have Windows XP then make sure you have all the updates and you will have Movie Maker 2. try useing that as it is a very good basic editing package and its free!

i am using the USB cable that was suplied. is this a problem? i hear a lot about firewire is this the cable i need, the software im using is image mixer dont know if its any good
i havent worked out how record onto windows movie maker

are any of theese problems easy sorted (hope so)
I'm sure it's your cable. I've experienced the same thing trying to capture to PC with my new TVR19 using the USB cable. A response to my post in this forum "USB Capture - dull newbie" about 6 posts down from yours, indicates that you need to use firewire not USB, USB is only any good for using the cam a s a web cam (an expensive one at that) or transferring digital stills.

A firewire card is about £25 - £30 from PC World and the like. Good luck with the camera

Image Mixer is the s/w that comes with the Sony. Movie Maker comes with Windows XP, and on first sight, I'd say Movei Maker is the better option. It's available via Start/Accessories or Start Accessories/Entertainment.

I've just been reading other posts on this forum about USB capture and according to one post it says in the Sony camcorder manual that if capturing via USB with Windows 98 (first edition) you wil get no sound. Later versions will give sound via USB.
Firewire is the ONLY way to go for video capture. It will give you full quality capture of sound & video, but USB will be very low quality. Firewire can also control the camcorder via the PC so you only need to be useing controls on the PC. A laptop firewire card with a cable included should cost you less than £50. Captured footage will take approx 1Gb of space for every 4 minutes captured, so you will need plenty of spare space.
Never used it, but many on here have said that the Sony software supplied with a camcorder is not worth it, and with many cheap options available you might as well get something that does a good job. As I said MS MM2 is a great free prog, and many costing only £20-30 are available if you don't have Win XP.

I had this problem with my Image Mixer software. When you are in the USB playing the film, try changing the preferences (Spanner icon in the top right somwhere) and then it will give you a number of devices for audio capture. There were a few for me and the "USB Composite device" worked on mine
I've bought my firewire card this morning. 2 mins to install it - XP recognised it & the TVR straight away and I imported footage ino Movie Maker with sound & no probs!

The card came with Video Studio 7 software, though not sure what it's like. I'll play around with Movie Maker first for a bit 'til I get the hang of it all.

All I need now is some clever software that turns ME into an ace director!!!!!!!!!! LOL


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