Sony TRV 238 experiences...



First things first, it was cheap, 377 quid from inc p&p. It plays all my old analogue Hi8 tapes and converts them to digital and records 60mins of digital footage on a 90min Hi8 tape.
Ok so its not the smallest on the market but its size combined with the steadyshot feature means there are few wobbles.
I put a new 80gig drive into the Pc along with Pinnacle and captured 11 mins of footage as a test. Saved as an AVI file it was 2.3gig, yes I said 2.3 gig!!!!!!! christ I wanted to put some of this stuff onto cd's.
So.... using Virtual Dub I divx'd this down to 75meg, which is quite some going and whilst there are still some issues with pixellation during quick onscreen movement I can see this is the way forward.
Having spent all the housekeeping on the camera, firewire card and new hard drive a dvdr is currently out of the question.
If you can assist with advice about compressing the avi's to divx and keeping the quality 100% post me a reply I'd like to hear from you.
All in all a positive first experience of digital video. :)


If you are using Pinnacle studio 8 It will compress the edited footage for you onto analogue Video tape (a TV output card is required for this) Video CD (63 mins on CD rewriter) or 54 mins on DVD. You could output it back onto a camcorder But you have the wrong sony model to do it you need the Sony trv240 with the inlink output & input to do this.

Hope this helps


I use Pinnacle 7.15 (yet to update) with a DV camera and was intending on saving the data in BOTH of 2 stages:

1. Completed Video (on VHS tape) to play on TV.

2. Edit stage (on CD-rom) so that I can potentially make further tweaks to completed work in future using Pinnacle editing software. The file sizes are quite phenomenal and I was thinking I could re-use the source DV tapes.

I am under the impression you are only discussing 1 - is that the case? Or is 1 = 2 (with Pinnacle)?

In your opinion, is it considered reasonable to re-use the Master tapes or should they be considered sacred?


IMO, You may regret not saving the original footage at a later stage unless you are sick & tired of watching it!

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