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Sony trouble

Discussion in 'Video Streaming Boxes & Services' started by Pecker, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. Pecker

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    Dec 26, 2004
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    Huddersfield, People's Republic of Yorkshire
    You've probably all discussed this already. Please feel free to simply stick up the link to the relevent thread if you have.

    My mate bought a Fiat Chinkycinco (or whatever the flip they call it - little car, looks like the back end has been cut off) a few years back, complete with Sony CD player (with removable front).

    After about a year the display stopped working. You couldn't see any track details, or operate any of the controls. All you had was CD on or off (insert CD for 'on', press eject for 'off'), and when the CD wasn't playing you had whatever radio station you tuned into last before the player went belly up.

    He got it replaced, as it was still just under warranty. The next player did the same again, only this time just AFTER the warranty had expired.

    He's now on his third (why oh why he stuck with a 3rd Sony after his experiences with the first two, I'll never know), and it's just gone the same way.

    Any ideas why?

    Any way it can be fixed?

    Any help very much appreciated.

    Steve W

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