Sony Triniton KV-21X4U Worth repair?


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I have had this TV a long time (>8 years). It has been excellent and was until the other day: Switched on (manual press switch on lower right of TV), red light next to switch came on, then selected channel on remote. Usually this brings up that channel, got the usual little click, but screen remained unchanged and red light started to wink slowly. It does pause in its winking if any button on the remote is pressed, but nothing else happens. Also the winking red light does not go off if the switch is pressed (it normally would) and it is necessary to switch off at the mains. I'd be very grateful for suggestions as to what is wrong and whether it is worth repairing?:confused:


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Can you count the flashes.
Most Sony TVs indicate roughly in which part of the set the fault lies by the "blinking led" error code.
X number of flashes...pause...x number of flashes?


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An open-circuit line driver transformer has been known to cause those symptoms on that model.
Trade price is around £15.00 + say an hours labour.
You really need to decide if it's worth it and call in an experienced TV repairman to confirm.
As I say that part can be responsible...but it may be something completely different.

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