Sony Tri-LCD 42" KDFE42A11E or Samsung LCD 40"?



Hi everybody.
I have read at these forums many posts regarding both the Sony Tri-LCD (rear projector) and the Samgsung LCD, and I don't know what should I buy.

I want the "TV" mainly for connecting it to a PC and use it as a big monitor (for Internet, work, etc.). I also want it for displaying movies using the PC as the DVD player, and also, of course, for regular TV viewing.

So I don't know what's better for me. The LCD is 300 pounds more expensive (approx.)..... what do you suggest me to do? I am completely lost!

I have discarded DLP rear projectors (I notice a lot rainbow effect on DLP projectors) and plasmas (mainly because a HD plasma is more expensive than these 2 options).
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