Sony to produce speaker dock for Sony Ericsson music phones

Discussion in 'News' started by John Archer, Mar 13, 2006.

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    <img src="" align="right">Following is the press release from Sony about its new multimedia mobile phone speaker docking system…</p><p>”A new speaker system lets music lovers get the most from their Sony Ericsson music phones. The MP001 is a compact and stylish unit containing stereo speakers and a small, cleverly designed hide-away sub-woofer capable of delivering a room-filling 25W (RMS) of music power. To use the system, the Walkman handset is simply placed on the cradle mount at the front, providing instant access to all the music stored on the phone itself. </p><p>The MP001 isn’t just loud. Despite its modest size, it delivers audio of exceptional depth and quality. The secret is the 32 bit Sony S-Master™ Digital amplifier at the core of the system. S-Master technology is found in Sony products ranging from Home Theatre systems to car audio, and is responsible for the rich and detailed audio reproduction characteristic of Sony equipment. The power and clarity of S-Master sound is complemented by sophisticated digital signal processing (DSP). This opens up the stereo image and creates a spacious, enveloping sound perfect for enjoying music at its best. S-Master Digital is an original Sony technology, so you won’t find it anywhere else. </p><p>The MP001 isn’t just a music centre. It can also showcase other phone-based features like the integrated phone FM tuner. As soon as the phone hits the cradle, you’ve got a home stereo FM radio as well as a music system. As a finishing touch, when the phone is on the cradle, the MP001 even charges its batteries. To keep life simple, essentials like volume, bass and treble can be controlled from a remote, so there’s no need to keep getting up. </p><p>The MP001 is compatible with all Sony Ericsson music phones with Fast Port.”
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    there is also an mp3 version for the A1000 and A3000 the model no for it is CPA-nw001 its due for release in june,
    also there is a wifi version due for release in sept
    the phone version CPA-MP001 is due out next month.
    I have heard these and i can tell you they sound amazing:eek: but they wont be cheap around £200 is the price:thumbsup:

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