Sony TG3 Charging with usb plug?


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Hi, I just bought a sony TG3 off ebay a few days ago. It didn't come with any mains plug or dc adapter the guy that sold it to me said he just pluged the usb sony plug into the bottom of the camera then into a usb mains adapted into the wall and that would charge it. I have tried this and it is not working(with 2 different batts, and the usb wall plug works fine).

So all I'm asking is do you need the dc adapter to charge this camera? Or will it charge with just the usb? as I'm getting no resopnce from the usb when pluged into my pc or the wall. I know the camera is not broken as it had a bit of batt life when I got it.



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Someones telling you porky pies. The camcorder came with a docking station and mains lead.

Pocket Camcorder - HDR TG3 Specification

There is no way the miserly current at 5V that is available from usb could be used to charge the battery. Even if it was it would take days to do so.

The standard docking station should take around 2-3 hrs to charge the battery


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yea I though it would be this, the sony dc is 7.2 volt so that would be the problem, camrea was a great deal anyways just wished he would of said cos its been a real hassle trying to sort this out.



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Just to add to Graham's point - you only really need the power cord to charge the battery - which can connect directly into the TG3. The docking adapter just adds a USB connection ( plus power and A/V. )

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