Sony TA-VE150 amp problems

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by aspick, Aug 15, 2001.

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    A friend of mine has just been given a Sony amp.<br />The model is a TA-VE150. He also has speakers that were either bought separate or came with the system in a package (front l/r, centre and rear l/r)<br />I had a quick look over and this looks like a Pro Logic amp but it does have a 5.1 ch input for Dolby Digital off a DVD (providing the DVD has the decoder built in of course)

    His main problem is that after about 5 mins switched on from cold, the amp cuts out and the display shows PROTECT flashing on the front.

    Any ideas why this is happening or even a rough estimate of how much it should cost him to get it repaired (it sounds broken to me because we double checked all connections, inputs and speaker cables).

    Not sure if anyone has any opinions on how good this amp is - he is either toying with the idea of getting a cheapish DVD player that has DD decoding and getting the amp fixed or if this is going to be expensive he might as well buy a new amp that does DD/DTS and a cheap DVD player and use the speakers he's got.

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