Sony Surround Sound for Sony KD28DL 11



Hi All
Been trawling web for recommended Sony Surround System for Sony KD28DL 11, new to this, my mate has just setup surround for his TV and sounds awesome, so wanted to do the same

Any Pointers as to the compatible model

Many Thanks



Distinguished Member
You do not have to buy a Sony Surround System to be compatible with a Sony TV, that is a myth. The governing factor is your budget, so let us know what it is.
The governing factors are.
What needs to plug into it?
Cable TV
PC, and list goes on. Think!
What do I need to connect today?
What may need connection over the next year (your plans).
This will decide what you need not I must have a "Sony Surround System" as I have a Sony TV.
So many people go out and buy the first sound system they see (usually based on looks not quality/need), get it home and start writing into here, how can I plug all these sources into Home cinema as it has next to no connectivity.

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