Sony SU-WL31 LCD Wall Mount

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by lockers, Aug 28, 2006.

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    As there doesn't seem to be much information about the official wall-mount about I thought I'd put some pics in for those that are curios.

    I think this mount is designed for the S-26" and V-32" series'.

    I was mounting mine in my bedroom in the alcove of a fitted wardrobe initially designed as a dressing table - I just took the big mirror out and replaced it with my 32V2000 - much better than looking at me :rotfl:

    Here are the pictures...

    This is the bracket that goes on the wall (as it comes in the box). It comes set up to go on (older) 23" versions I think. You can see the two supports in their inner position required for the 32" TV in a later picture.

    Side view of the bracket before it went up - you can just about see the 4 different holes for the different screen angle options (0, 5, 10, 15 and 20 degrees)

    One of the arms that goes on the back of the TV from a side view.

    The arms attached to the back of the TV - (table top stand already removed)

    Bracket on the wall - note the supports are in the inner position now. It is fixed initially using the bolt in the middle (not supplied). From there you can decide where to put more bolts - I went for 2 each side. I used some 'Nylon Plug & Coach-screw's Concrete and Brick Fixings' (M6 x 50mm) - again not supplied.

    Then hang the TV on the supports. The hooks on the back of the TV go on the silver horizontal parts of the bracket. After that you tighten two other screws, but they didn't seem to do much!

    You do have to plug the cables you want into the back before you put it on the wall...

    ...the eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed the lack of cables on mine. I'm still deciding the best solution to tidy mine, so I unplugged the cables and hid them behind the TV while I took the last photo! :devil:

    My apologies for the camera work, I just used my mobiles as it was a last minute decision to take them for the forum. Any pictures where it doesn't look level, that was just me and the camera. I did use a spirit level... several times!

    There is plenty of room behind the TV and before the bracket, for various cables, I imagine even 'posh' ones with bigger connectors would be fine. It is just reflected in its overall distance away from the wall.

    Think that is everything, I hope this helps anyone that is curious about the 'official' Sony wall mount.

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