Sony STRDN1080 & Wharfedale DX2

ron swanson

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I had been looking into soundbars with rear speakers but the shape of the living area in my flat gave me concerns about rear speakers but having experimented with my old bar/rear speakers setup and after some initial concerns I've got used to them and have stopped bumping into the rear speakers.

I had been looking at the Sony ZF9 soundbar and rear speakers mainly because I wanted to buy something that would serve me for quite a while 4k pass through and dolby atmos were very appealing for that reason but while I don't mind the price I know that separates are generally going to be better. I've found on richer sounds the Sony STRDN1080 A/V receiver and Wharfedale DX2 speakers for less than the ZF9 and rear speakers would cost me.

The thing is I'm totally alien to the concept of separates and was wondering if I am going to have issues setting it up and also is the quality going to be better than the ZF9 system I have been considering? I know that I can always change the speakers in the future but would this package be a good starting point for a newbie?


Joe Fernand

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Would be good to ‘see’ the space you are dealing with - setting up an AVR is relatively simple, usually much the same process as a Soundbarl


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