Sony STRDN1080 and Wharfedale DX-2


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i purchased a Sony STRDN1080 and Wharfedale DX-2 + Yamaha NSIC 800 setup your run Dolby atmos with my LG C8 TV and the since I’ve had it, I have found it to have distortion at high volumes, a sort of crackling noise. I would almost compare it to a record scratching.
When I first tested the system a year or so ago one of the speakers actually blew, luckily I managed to get them replaced under the warranty.
Is it simply a case of I am expecting too much performance from my system? Today I have looked at changing the crossover frequency, on the support manual for the satellite speakers it stated frequency range of 120hz -20khz, I had it Set at 80 the in my amp menu, is it possible I had ‘Sent too much bass of the speakers and have been shaking them to bits’ (apologies I don’t know the correct technical terms)?
Apart from me expecting too much performance, the incorrect crossovee frequency the only other issue I can think of is I truly did get a defective speaker in my first set and this is potentially damage to the amplifier?
Is there anyone with more technical knowledge who could explain to me?


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If you blast loud you want to keep them at 120hz minium, probably even higher if they are struggling as the 3" drivers can only do so much. 80hz would be too low for such small speakers and it certainly didn´t help what happened to earlier pair. In future you could consider upgrading the front three (LCR) to something larger perhaps. There is fairly slim on-wall speakers which will play loud if necessary.

As for the subwoofer set the crossover knob to highest 150hz. Phase 0. Volume knob 10-12clock. I assume you have put these correct before running Sony setup. Subwoofer placement can make dramatic difference also. For small sealed sub i would put it in front corner, furthest from any potential opening.


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thanks for response.

have upped the crossover and it is sounding much nicer now.

i will possibly look into bigger front three at some point but happy for the time being!

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