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Hi everyone, I have recently had a move and shuffle round with my sony 1050 amp. I have my xbox, playstation and sky q 2tb box connected to it. For some reason now my Samsung UE49KS7000 tv wont allow me to stream 4k content through my amp.
If anyone can help please let me know

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Source > TV - have you confirmed you can stream 4K if you bypass the AVR?

TV > have you confirmed the Input you are using on the TV is 4K compliant (and enabled), some TV’s have limited support on certain Inputs and or need Features toge enabled via the User menu.



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Make sure you connect SkyQ to an HDCP2.2 all inputs may be HDCP2.2 compliant.On my Sony Str DN860 only one input is HDCP2.2


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Hi yes the Netflix and Amazon prime all work great in 4k. When you go through the sky q box setting it won't allow you to change to 4k. it says it needs to go directly to the tv. but been set up through the amp before and worked fine. I will have wired it wrong from the amp to the sky q box i bet.


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The Sony STRDN1050 is not HDCP 2.2 compliant and cannot therefore passthrough commercial UHD video sources that use HDCP 2.2 copy protection:

Does My 4K AV Receiver Support HDCP 2.2? | Sony USA

HDCP 2.2: What you need to know

You could look into one of HDFury's HDCP solutions, but these aren't cheap and would offer very little if any flexibility in terms of adding more than one UHD source to your setup.

The other option is to connect the SKY Q box directly to your TV in order to convey the HDCP 2.2 UHD video to that TV via HDMI and then use the SKY Q box's optical audio output to convey digital audio directly to your AV receiver. SKY don't carry content encoded with HD audio formats and your receiver isn't Atmos enabled so you'd not be missing anything as far as the audio goes. S/PDIF optical will still convey Dolby Digital from the STB to your AV receiver. You may even be able to pass audio through the TV and out to the AVR using the TV's digital audio outputs? Note that not all TVs facilitate passing through multichannel audio though.


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thank you will try jiggle the hdmi cables around. the new Samsung tvs have a separate box now coming out. I think I was trying topass that through the system as well. might just bypass that. connect the sky box directly and the Xbox and PlayStation through the amp.


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No amount of jggling the cables with enable your receiver to passthrough UHD HDCP 2.2 protected video. The receiver isn't HDCP 2.2 compliant and the SKY Q box will not output video to a non compliant device is set to its 4K video option. Neither will the XBox allow you to output 4K HDCP 2.2 protected content to the AV receiver.
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