Sony STRDE495 with KEFS iq or iqse


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Hi pretty new to the forum so be gentle on me.

I currently run a Sony STRDE495 Home Cinema Receiver which I have had for several years. This has been attached to my sony cd player, sony mini disc player, hd-dvd player and my ps3, and all connected to my samsung 40" lcd 1080i. the system has been connected to an Eltax surround system.

I am thinking of upgrading my system so one piece of kit at a time.

So I would like to know if I can run apair of Kef iq floorstander range through the system without breaking my new speakers or the receiver?

I also like the look of the new sony av receiver I think the 800 or the 820 with hdmi inputs would they cope with the speakers. But I really like to get the speakers first.

I saw and like the look of the new Q70's and Q90's going for £750 until the end of the month


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The receiver is rated at 50 watts x 5 8 ohms, RMS.

The KEF IQ70s are rated at 15 - 150 watts with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms.

The answer would be yes, it is safe to power the speakers with the receiver without damaging either ;)

I'd probably want a more powerful amp to be powering them with though.
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