Sony strde495 vs Eltax AVR280



Does anybody know how the Eltax AVR 280 fares against the Sony strde495 or even the pioneer VSX C100?

The girlfriend wants "slim" things but I really think sound is more important.



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Looks like the 80's VCR I’ve just chuck out.:D


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Pioneer 100 or 301 are both very good for slim designs (I've got a 301). I'm sure the Sony is ok for the money and probably as good a performer. The Eltax is an unknown for me but if you buy it from Richers and don't like it you could always take it back and swap it for one of the others.


Dfour, thanks but that is outside my budget

Bassbin, exactly what I was thinking. RS will have the AVR280 on Tuesday and I'll give it a spin. I'll swap for the VSX C100 if I'm not happy.


The old model eltax was very cheap to buy, even cheaper built and really didn't do anything you could call "driving" speakers. VSXC100 is a good amp for the money and slim aswell, that'd be my choice.


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hi tim allen - I'm looking for a budget AV receiver too - how did you come to decide on the Sony ? (Can't find any reviews !) How do you find it with CD's in stereo ?

Any comments appreciated ! :)


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Hello everyone. I got the Eltax AVR280 today from RS. It was missing the remote (and the AM aerial was broken) but I decided to try it out anyway. The quality was ok in stereo but the DSP presets were nasty and sounded quite poor. The unit is nice and small and has an aluminum face plate and is plain looking.

I took it back and replaced it with a Sony STR-DE495, and this is not going back. No no way, this is my baby. Much much better than the crap Eltax. It has the usual quirky sony type menu, much more options, much better sounding DSP effects. Sounds a little better than my old mini system it replaced with the same speakers. With a subwoofer I have no doubt this would be a beast and would be beautiful.

Conclusion. Forget any Eltax receiver! The Sony STRDE-495 is ok for £99.95, but the proles here might suggest you spend more on a Yamaha or Marantz etc but I'm happy with this at the moment.

Hopes this helps anyone. You could try the Eltax first, and if like me, you think it's crap, you can get the Sony.

(Edit: It may be that the Eltax I had was faulty but to me the difference from that to the sony is amazing in comparison, even if the Eltax did work and sound good.)


Hi There,

I posted this

"Hi there,

I was in Richer Sounds today and I ended up buying the Eltax AVR200 as the sales guy told me I would just be paying £40 for a Sony badge and the system would sound the same. I had my suspisions and when I told him I would prefer a Sony beacause I had heard of it he reasured me that both systems would sound the same. On looking up the tech spec of them at Richer Sounds' web site you can see some fairly crucial differences. I'm guessing that they got the Eltax ones from China for pennies and they make a much larger mark up on these than the Sony models. I'm personally gonna swap this for the sony tomorrow as Sony have been making these for years and I've never heard of this other brand. Can anyone tell me who makes Eltax and what sort of experience they have had with their products? Many Thanks"

on the Eltax AVR200 thread and on reading this will give it a try before taking it back and swapping it for the Sony STRDE495 and will post my findings soon.

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