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Hi All,

I'm new to the forum, so be gentle...

I'm in the process of upgrading my kit, and I'm looking at either the Sony STRDB870 or STRDB1070 (& possibly the STRDB940), other than virtual 6.1 and true 6.1 and a few extra buttons does anyone know the difference?

I know there both discontinued stock, but they do seem to be still available.

Any ideas as to where to find the best price.?

Any help would be appreciated



Bristol Pete

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I have the 870. This has virtual 6.1 (matrix) compared to the 1070 which has 'real' 6.1. I believe the 1070 has component video switching, whilst the 870 offers s-video and composite.
The set up of the 870 is LED only whilst yu can set up the 1070 on your TV if connected.

Sound wise, bar the 6.1, difference they seem and sound (IMO)exactly the same. All of the usual sony options are present, along with a host of effective DSP's. Loads of fine tuning options that sometimes, are almost too much to fiddle with.

Either amp 870/1070 will offer stunning sound so go for which suits your pocket. To be honest when I bought mine it was another £130.00 for the 1070 which I did not have. However, very very happy with mine.

The Auto Format Decode option plays a soundtrack without frills, as a sound engineer recorded it so use this option.

Ok with music, very good with acoustic stuff like Simon and Garfunkel. However, I listen to my music on a seperate system.
movie wise it'll blow you away.

I hope this helps.

Captain B.

Oh, and good luck with the 940. very hard to find I think.


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As pompeysteve says - neither the 1070 nor the 1080 support component video switching. The only options for video inputs are S-Video and Composite I'm afraid... :(


1070- has Component switching in the US model - where it is a ES series model. I beleive that is the only difference betyween US and other models though, so interesting iot gets ES certificationa and a 5yr warranty in the US....


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How much is the 1070 being offered at nowadays ?
And to concur with the above post the US version is component capable. :)


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Sorry... I thought we were just referring to UK models. I stand corrected :p

Kelvin :D


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Can anyone (Bristol Pete?) tell me what the bass response is like from the 870 on 2ch mode? My STR-DE685 is VERY lacking in bass and mid-bass (loads of clarity and high end, but not punch, no bass, no thumb, no low end) so I'm looking for an older Sony that can literally "kick the sh*t" out of my Mission M74 front speakers and produce lots of lovely low end bass that I can both feel and hear :)

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