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Sony STRDB795 Receiver and SAVS300H Speakers

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by praj912, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. praj912


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    :lease: I've got an oppportunity to pick these up at about 42% of their retail price each. Should I? The receiver seems to get good reviews (over the STRDE697, which was panned on a couple of threads? True?).
    The speaker package doesn't seem to get a good review. Any thoughts?
    I would use them 90% for music, with a weekly DVD. Gotta be better than the cheap all in one stereo system I'm using now?

    Also, I have a pair of HUGE Jansson hi-fi speakers (4ohm, 91db sensitivity I think) from the early 90's (and Yamaha 5-disc and stereo receiver 60W) in storage which I could substitute for the two front speakers. Would this work with the 8ohm 82db sensitivity satellites and subwoofer?

    Any advice would be appreciated. :boring:
  2. chedmaster

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    Jan 29, 2005
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    you are right i had the 697 for a couple of weeks and it is, imo, worse than my old sherwood rd6106R. not only did it sound bad - especially for music - but it tried to do too much in the movie field, as if the dsp was not good enough, i would get audio delay when watching movies in 6.1, sometimes even in 5.1, and NEO:6 from sky would gradually lose lipsync, meaning i needed to turn the amp off and on again! who knows what would of happened with dts 96/24 which it claimed to support.

    i have not heard the 795 but have heard many good things about it (apart from that buzzing? but i belive that is fixed now...) and the speakers would definately improve the music over satellites/sub. also never heard the speaker package (as far as i know).

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