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"Sony STRDB598"



Hi guys, i'm starting to put together my own seperates system. I have nothing at the moment lol but i felt it best to start with the Amp and a pair of speakers, because then i can send the music from my laptop untill i can afford the cd player.

I'm on a budget so i'm having to buy from littlewoods-online (slightly more expensive but only place that will let me pay later) I am a student lol.


So what do you guys think of this amp? Any good? I will use it for the following...

Music from laptop
Music from CD Player seperate (when i buy it)
Maybe a surround sound kit for my Xbox 360

Will this be good enough for all that^

Thanks a lot guys :smashin:

Cable Monkey

Prominent Member
I am going to be brutally honest and say don't buy it. Your primary use will be music and for that money you could get a very competent stereo amp. If your circumstances dictate you must buy it, try LXDirect who are a sister company to Littlewoods but are 20 quid cheaper!


Thanks mate but i think i'm lost now...

whats a stereo amp then if this isn't one? will this do the same job anyway? are there any bad things about this amp? is it loud enough 600w i think?


Established Member
The amp you mention is a Home Cinema amp - designed for multi channel audio playback from movies and the like. It'll be sh*t at stereo music playback.

If money is tight, then look for a second hand amp on ebay, a Mission Cyrus 1 will be around £50 +/- but any budget amp from the likes of Nad, Rotel, Marantz etc will be more than you need as an entry level performer.


Cable Monkey

Prominent Member
The amp you linked to had a lot going on that you will not need. And assuming the Sony could deliver its rated power (which a multichannel amp of that price can't) 600 watts would simply be too much! At the moment you want CD, pc and Xbox amplification. Look at Richer Sounds and see what they have. How about a Cambridge Audio A5 plus some suitable speakers. You could have an amp and speakers for the same sort of money as the Sony alone, and it will all sound sooo much better!

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