Sony strdb1070 - pioneer626d - no DTS

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by SPYTHON, Sep 5, 2002.



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    I have just got a sony strdb1070 receiver, but I can't get my pioneer 626d dvd player to talk to it when sending the dts bitstream to the receiver, I get the message "UNLOCKED" on the front of the receiver, does anyone else have similar problems,
    if so could they recomend a dts-es, and dd5.1 ex amp that can talk to the pioneer correctly - as I have only just got the amp and I can take it back

    also cane someone lead me through the steps on the 62d to get the dts output through the digital coax - I think i've got it right, but I want to be sure....

    I really like the sound of the amp, and I'd rather not have to change it......

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