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Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I am currently looking for a solution to improve SD picture quality from Sky+ to my 42 plasma and would like a little help before a throw alot of money down the drain.

I currently own:

42" RELISYS RP42AB20 Plasma with DVI/RGB 640x350 all the way up to 1920x1080 and Component EDTV 480i all the way up to HDTV 1080i.

Pioneer VSA-EO6
Tosh scalling DVD. HDMI out to DVI in 768
XBox360 & HD-DVD too Component 1080i
PS3 too Component 1080i
Sky+ via scart 576???

What I would like to do is improve the picture of Sky+ so that it can be upscalled to either 720p or 1080i via component.

I have been looking at the Sony STRDA ES 1200, 3200 and 5200 and was wondering if one of these will do the job via component?

From the Sony site for 3200ES:

HDMI Up Conversion (Input sources up to 1080i) Composite, s-video and component video sources can be converted to HDMI output, minimizing the number of connections needed from the receiver to the television display.

I have no HDMI input but will the DVi/D do the job with an HDMI too DVI cable.

If not is there another receiver that will? or other Scallers?

I need another receiver due to my 3 year old son turning the volume up and blowing a few channels.:thumbsup:

Now the good bit. I have £600 to spend:thumbsdow
Am I flogging a dead horse?



The 5200ES will scale and upconvert all the way to 1080p and you can get it for £630 from Amazon, this should be what you are looking for.


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