Sony STR830


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does anyone have any experience of this receiver - my friend wants a decent budget AV receiver and there is one available, he looked on Audioreview andthere have been reports of it overheating

Can anyone help


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I had one as my first AV amp a couple of years ago and it was great for movies - really in your face :D

On the downside it was very fatiguing for music listening.. :(

Never had a problem with mine overheating or humming on the rear channels.. If it's cheap, ~£100 or so then it's definately worth considering. Anymore than that and you might as well spend £200 on a brand new amp like the Marantz 4200 from Richers..


They heat up more powering at 8ohms than 4 due to less power output at 4 so it depends what speakers you use. I've had mine for years and it is a superb amp it still sounds better than a lot of newer amps. If it's cheap it's worth buying.

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