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Sony STR2400 with KEF3005SE or B&W MT25's?


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Looking for advise from you guys. Currently have an old Bose Lifestyle 28 system which I bought before realising that you pay a lot of money for little perfomance. Until recently I have used my PS3 for playing Blu-ray, connected to the Bose via optical. I have just bought the Sony S760 blu-ray player and now in the process of selling the Bose system and replacing with an AV receiver and style speaker set. I have a budget for around a £1000 but willing to push it if an extra couple of quid if it is worth it.

Currently have a Sony Z4500 52" TV, along with the Sony Blu-ray and PS3 so have looked at the Sony STR 2400 receiver. I am also looking at the Kef range of speakers - which within my 'set' budget leads me to look at either the 2005.3's, the 3005K2's or the 3005SE's. I also like the look of the B&W MT-25's - ok yes I know I have blown my budget!! Anyway -

First the receiver - is this a decent bit of kit for the money? Would prefer a Sony for the sake of matching the other equipment. Is there something similar though for the same sort of money which is a better match / performer?

Regarding the speakers - is there noticable difference between the Kef set ups? Along with the B&W's - are they a good match to the receiver?

Finally - how much improvement will I see over my current (old) Bose system - interested to hear your opinions.

Looking forward to your feedback on this - cheers.


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Another speaker set to conider the B&W 685's - what do I get over and above the style speaker sets? I assume they are better for music but what about movies??

Thanks again.


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I have the same receiver and I like it. Having said I wouldn't stay focused on Sony just because your other kit is Sony. The benefits of a one-make setup are limited. If you have an all-in-one remote then they're approaching zero.

I haven't got much direct experience of the speakers you're looking at apart from a quick demo of some MT-25s which I thought performed well. My experience is that style speakers generally give poorer performance for the same money. What you're paying for finish and external design gives better audio results if spent on better construction and internal/crossover design (or bigger drivers).

I have style speakers myself and I'm happy with them but they always carry a premium. If you're not as bothered about looks/style you'll get more for your money elsewhere.


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Another speaker set to conider the B&W 685's - what do I get over and above the style speaker sets? I assume they are better for music but what about movies??

Thanks again.

To me, the only reason to go with a style speaker package is if you can't fit a normal cabinet speaker in.

cabinet speakers will always out perform style speakers of a similar price, all other things being equal. So, it would be the 685s for me.

Also, don't buy an amp to match your TV --- buy one that is the best match for the speakers and has a tonality that you like.

The Sony 2400 is a good amp, but I'd look at what other people are using with B&W speakers for options.

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