Sony STR VA555ES video problems


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Apr 29, 2002
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I use my receiver to carry S video to the TV, never had any problems with a 930. I am now faced with lugging a second and different colour 555 back to the shop due to a rippled picture using the TV and DVD inputs and Monitor out. Using a video out works but this is not acceptable, has anyone had a similar problem? All devices do this, leads checked, av input changed.
Thanks Ged.
Decided to trade the Sony for a Denon3802, the fault was replicated in the shop. The good staff at Practical Hifi are prepared to replace it with a "fixed" Sony but once/twice bitten etc. Anyhow, very pleased with the Denon over the 930, just sad I had to let the Sony go after such positive reviews and an rc5000 pre configuered for Sony codes.
Am I correct in the following?

When running S-Vid as the video input an then taking the output from "Monitor" you got a poor picture. But if you took the output from, say, one of the outputs on a video source it worked ok?

I think this sort of fault is a failing and to do with all the crap that comes with OSD etc. I could be wrong but have seen it on a few Sonys (940, 930)

The poor picture was present using only the s video inputs/outputs, i didn't use composite. When all components(s-vhs, 2x dvd) were connected only those using video1 or 2(s-video) would be ok through "monitor out" but video 1 or 2 s video out would be fine, but no OSD. As mentioned, swapped it for a Denon 3802

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