Sony str dn840 best sound field settings for 3.1 speaker config?


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Hey all I am currently running digital audio output from a TCL r617 to my Sony str dn840 using a 3.1 speaker setup. Is it still advisable to use HD-DCS for movies and gaming on the ps5? Also curious if for music if Multi Ch is my best bet. I know most have 5.1 so I didn't see a lot for a 3.1 setup. I'm also wondering if I should be using the Soundbar setting on my ps5. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance


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The AV receiver will still access and process multichannel 7.1 or 5.1 dormatted audio, the only difference is that the AV receiver will fownmix the channels you've not got speakers for in your setup into the channels you've got speakers for. So the audio associated with the surrounds will automatically be downmixed in the the front left and right speaker channels.

N, simply output audio as you would have normally from the PS5. The AV receiver will make any adjustments required and mixdown the channels you've not the speakers yto portray.
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Auto Format Direct (A.F.D.) modes behaviour depends upon the processing mode you engage it in conjunction with. It eengaging an upmixing option then it can nly really create an addional channel for the centre speaker if and when the AVR is receiving 2 chaanel stereo encoded audio. If you however engage the A.F.D AUTO mode then you'd get the audio as it was originally encoded. In your case, this would result in the audio simply being portrayed via the left and right speakers if stereo in nature or the other channels being mixed down into the front 3 if and when the incoming source is a 5.1 or a 7.1 source.

If the source is 2 channel stereo in nature then you'd still need to apply upmixing in order to get anything from the centre speaker.

Auto Format Direct (A.F.D.)/2-channel sound mode​

  • Auto Format Direct (A.F.D.) mode: This mode allows you to listen to higher-fidelity sound and select the decoding mode for listening to a 2-channel stereo or monaural sound as multi-channel sound.
  • 2-channel sound mode: You can switch the output sound to 2-channel sound regardless of the recording formats of the software you are using, the playback device connected, or the sound field settings of the receiver.
A.F.D. Auto (A.F.D. AUTO):Presets the sound as it was recorded/encoded without adding any surround effects.

However, for USA and Canada models, this receiver will generate a low-frequency signal for output to the subwoofer when there is no LFE signals.

Multi Stereo (MULTI ST.):Outputs 2-channel left/right or monaural signals from all speakers. However, sound may not be output from certain speakers depending on the speaker settings.2ch Stereo (2CH ST.):The receiver outputs the sound from the front left/right speakers only. There is no sound from the subwoofer.

Standard 2-channel stereo sources completely bypass the sound field processing and multi-channel surround formats are downmixed to 2-channels.

Analog Direct (A. DIRECT):You can switch the audio of the selected input to 2-channel analog input. This function enables you to enjoy high-quality analog sources.

Only the volume and front speaker level can be adjusted when using this function.

If wanting a better use of the centre speaker then I'd suggest you use an upmixing mode such as Dolby Pro Logic as opposed to the multichannel or stereo upmixing options.
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