Sony STR-DN1080 Zone 2 limitations?


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Sony STR-DN1080 - trying to figure out Zone 2.
I am trying to figure out if/how I can properly utilize zone 2 for my kitchen speakers.
I have followed the instructions in the user manual and I am able to get FM to power zone 2, but not the "A" channel when using the 5.1 surround on Netflix or YouTube music.
It seems that I may have to disable the rear surrounds in order to power zone 2 which I don't want to do.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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The Sony is a seven channel amp. To enable Zone 2 speakers to be powered by the Sony then those rear surrounds have to be consigned to Zone 2. That would leave you with a maximum of 5.1 in the Main Zone.

The other option is to use the Zone 2 RCA pre-outs to a separate amp in the kitchen.


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Thanks for your reply.
I have attached two pages of the user manual relevant to what I'm trying to do.
As you can see, there are a number of limitations as to utilizing Zone 2.
Specifically, external digital input from HDMI IN jacks cannot be output to zone 2.
I think that this may be my problem.
I have three devices; Receiver, DVD, and the TV.
All are smart devices and all have wired connections to the network.
I'm not sure, but I think I'm setup with the TV being the smart device, sending the audio over HDMI to the receiver. When streaming Netflix, the receiver is showing TV on its display.
Maybe I need to find a way to make the receiver the smart device?
It may be easier to just install an impedance compensating speaker switch to tap off of front "A" to feed the kitchen, but I don't want to hurt the new receiver amp or degrade the surround sound quality.
Thanks for your help


  • Sony Receiver Manual, p. 25.pdf
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  • Sony Receiver Manual, p. 43-1.pdf
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There's little that can be done with those restrictions. I know Sony have restrictions when it comes to using speakers in the Atmos domain but this is not one that has come to my attention before. It seems that only analogue sources can be output. Sony really does have odd ways of setting up their AV amps and players.

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