Sony STR-DN1080, LG C1, PS5, Hue Sync Box


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I'm trying to add a PS5 to my current setup.
I currently have a Chromecast with Google TV connected to my Sony STR-DN1080 AVR. This is then passed to my sync box and then on to the HDMI 1 input of my LG C1.
This all works perfectly, Dolby Vision/Atmos etc, but I know that I need to plug the PS5 directly into the TV to get 4k 120hz.
How can I connect the PS5 and also get Dolby Atmos (or the best audio possible) into the current system?
I've been searching on here and read so much about eARC, sync box to second TV output, settings on the LG and PS5, that I'm so confused.
I don't mind not having the sync box working with the PS5, I know the sync box isn't HDMI 2.1 compatible, but I still want the sync box to work with the Chromecast.
Any help would be much appreciated.


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Couple of options…

Connect PS5 to TV, then TV HDMI eARC port to receiver. Go into the sound settings of the PS5, set it to AV Receiver and tell it how many speakers you have. The PS5 doesn’t do Dolby ATMOS or any object based audio codec that uses height channels through a surround sound system currently so 5.1/7.1 uncompressed is the best available. I have a horrible feeling that both the TV and receiver have to be eARC compliant for the uncompressed audio to be passed through though in which case you may be limited to either Dolby or DTS as your receiver is limited to regular HDMI ARC. If this is the case you may also experience audio sync issues with the sound lagging slightly behind the picture. In this setup I don’t think there’s anyway to incorporate your Hue sync box.

Second option and the one I’d probably go for in your situation if the eARC solution doesn’t work is to just plug the PS5 into the receiver, you’ll have no audio sync issues and no problems selecting uncompressed audio if you wish. You just lose 120hz but that’s a rare option on PS5 games and rarer still is it worth the graphical compromise if it is available. You can also put the Hue sync box between the TV and receiver. Personally I find gaming to be the thing I enjoy most with Hue, very immersive! PS5 is not yet VRR compatible so no loss there either (yet).

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