sony str-dn1080, Hdmi 2.1 and arc


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Ok so I have a LG cx 55, I currently have an old stereo amp and speakers connected to up the sound a bit.

however ultimately (after I financially recover from buying the cx...) I want to get a cinema amp, it sounds like sony str-dn1080 is the one to go for at the price point I’d be prepared to go for.

my worry is the sony str-dn1080 isn’t hdmi 2.1 and as my tv is I feel like I should invest in an amp that has this too.

however reading about the hdmi arc which I believe my tv supports, am I right in thinking that, it it means that you hook up the amp with a hdmi cable and then you have everything still connected via the tv hdmi? Would then this mean In the future if I buy a ps5 I could take advantage of the hdmi 2.1 and use the amp?

failing that if I want an amp at around the 1080 price with hdmi 2.1 should I just hold off? I’m in no rush to upgrade amp, for now...


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The DN1080 should support eARC so if you connect PS5 directly to your tv which has hdmi 2.1 and another hdmi to receiver it should work i believe. You can ask about this in the 1080 owners thread on av-receiver section.

Keep in mind that DN1080 is 2017 model and due to virus there isn´t anything new yet so while it`s a decent amp it´s also very old model and the dealers can ask what they want due to not having competition now. Sony is making some big changes and it´s still open will they bring any av-receivers in future. DN1080 has been popular in Europe/UK, but in US people don´t really rate the Sony receivers/amps cause Denon/Marantz/Yamaha are king there.

I will try to dig information is there any information about 2021 models. That would mean example Denon X2700H going on sale at summer if X2800H would be coming. No official word yet so we can only guess. The prices are so high atm. If you aren´t in a hurry wait few months at least to see is there some movement as June-August will introduce new higher range models, but hopefully we would see some lower cost too which would hopefully mean more competition and better pricing for customers.


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nice, thanks for that, very useful.

Yeah I think I will wait. At the very earliest I wasn’t thinking until June I don’t think anyway

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Do a bit of reading in the Sony STR DN1080 thread and you'll see it does have some issues.

I have one, it sounds great, however I wouldn't buy another if it went phut.

1/ The GUI is slow
2/ As above, it's old. Denon have replaced their similar model twice already in the same time the Sony has been out.
3/ DTS-X and Neural-X don't work with overhead speakers, there's no reason for this as all the competition do it, but Sony refuse to address it as "it's not in the specs for DTS-X".
It's a simple firmware fix, but no, they won't do it. They won't be getting my money on my next AVR.


With all current AV amps that have 2.1 currently on sale they are all effected by the so called 2.1 bug and even they would need the same work around as you would need with the Sony. Would I recommend the Sony? No, for the same reasons as outlined above.

The new Denons offer a better room EQ system in Audyssey over Sony's in house offering as well. Sony has completely ignored protestations over it's implementation of DTS Neural which is a major mistake in my book.

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