Sony STR DN1040 ARC Issues

I have recently purchased a LG Oled TV and have my Sony STR DN1040 connected to it via the ARC input. When switching on the Sony receiver, occasionally instead of showing my virgin v6 box picture, I get the home screen of the Sony receiver. The Sony has an ARC output and the LG TV has an ARC/EARC input. Any ideas what could be wrong?


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ARC is unfortunately reliant upon HDMI CEC for its functionality. Whenever you power up the TV then HDMI CEC will send a signal to the AV receiver that results in it switching itself to the ARC source. Because you are not actually playing anything on the TV that would result in audio being sent to the AV receiver via ARC. you'll end up with what you are experiencing. There's no way top negate this behaviour as long as you Gave ARC and HDMI Control/CEC engaged on the TV and the AV receiver. You can select tanother source other than ARC though, such as the source associated with your Virgin STB and this should result in the AV receiver accessing the STB as a source as opposed to ARC.

It is just a result of having HDMI Control and ARC engaged. You can prevent this by turning off HDMI CEC/Control, but this would result in you no longer having ARC as a means by which to convey and source audio from your TV using the HDMI connection between the TV and the AVR. THe workaround is to select the source you wanted after you've powered the TV and the AVR up and after HDMI CEC has caused the AVR to switch itself to the ARC source.
Thanks for the swift reply Dante01. I assumed that because the Virgin V6 box is always on, the TV would always default to that picture first. In fact sometimes it does. When switching on the TV, the Sony receiver automatically switches itself on.
Looks like I may have to disable HDMI control as you suggested.

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