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Aug 20, 2005
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I have had this amp for a few months now, using the manual settings all was setup and going quite well,sound was great. But some how the settings have changed, I don't seem to be getting the HD settings 5.1, DTS etc.
I performed a back to factory settings, played a 5.1 Bluray, all worked as it should, next morning thought I might try another Bluray, but noticed that the sound was showing as LPCM [48], no 5.1. So performed another factory setting and all worked. I am doing something wrong but just don't know what. Any ideas please.
Have you set the HDMI Audio Passthrough setting to AVR + TV? If so then set it to just AVR. Also ensure that the player is set to bitstream audio as opposed to doing the decoding itself and outputting the resulting audio as LPCM. How many channels of LPCM audio are there present when you get the LPCM audio?
Thanks for the reply, very grateful..

HDMI settings,
CTR for HDMI =On
Pass Through = Auto
Audio Out TV+Amp
Settings on the Bluray player
Dynamic Range Compression = Auto.
Digital audio output is set as ;
Dolby D Dolby True HD = Bitstream.
DTS / DTS HD = Bitstream
Mpeg Audio = PCM
BD-Video Secondry Audio = OFF.
LPCM audio are there present = 3
Yes, change the Audio Out setting on the receiver to just AMP as opposed to having it set to TV + AMP. This is what is causing the issue.
Yes, via the HDMI settings on the AV receiver. Change the HDMI Audio Out TV+Amp setting to just AMP.
Yep settings made, played a movie and all is working as it should, as it did last night, but over night it seemed to have changed some of the settings, well its seems so.
I was just wondering, when I finish the GUI settings on the hdmi and speakers etc, I just press return, then press the GUI, which then goes into GUI off.
I don't have to SAVE do I ?.

Thanks for your help.
No idea as to whether you need to save the settings in some way to make them stick, I simply know what was causing the problem. I'd address the receiver's manual to see if the receiver has a save settings option?
How are you shutting down the receiver, are you putting it in standby or are you turning it off at the mains?
Cheers dante, The manual is a little on the confusing side, been through it a few times.
I will see what happens in the next day or two, if it continues not to hold the details I will check out the sales from where I purchased it. mean while many thanks for your help.

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