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I recently bought a pair of sennheiser HD595's for the purposes of watching movies late at night without fear of the neigbours planning my untimely death :) (as I live in a block of flats) I was under the impression that my receiver was able to output virtual surround to the headphones as its a feature in this link (Sony STR-DN1000 Home theater receiver with video upconversion and advanced surround decoding at "headphone theatre mode" they call it.

"Effect Level: The Effect Level feature lets you adjust the presence of the surround effect for soundfields selected with the Movie or Music mode or Headphone Theater mode. You can choose from 50%, 80%, 100%, or 150%".

However when I plug my headphones in I can't change the sound field to any other mode than "HP 2CH". This is just about acceptable for blu-ray/dvds as my BDP-760 has a headphone jack that does a much better job at virtual surround, but any other device ive got plugged into the receiver cant benefit from this, plus I have to mute the reciever (as it doesnt have a standby mode that allows picture forwarding).

Can anyone shed some light on the matter, I've emailed sony uk about it and am still waiting for an answer.
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Well I got a very brief message back from sony, saying that the str-dn1000 only supports 2 channel stereo through the headphones :( they didn't mention the link I gave them (the same one as above) that states sound field options with the headphones. Is it possible that the US model has features that arent avaliable on the UK model? (which in this case seems insane, as who would remove this feature for any market on "surround sound" reciever). Or could it just be that got their facts wrong? (even though they state its from hands on experience with the receiver)

From what i've read there isn't any chance of a firmware update to remedy this (thanks again sony)

Anyway I've ordered a set of sennheiser HD 555's as I've been lead to believe that these have spacial surround sound built in as a feature (even from stereo). This means that I've got a £120 pair of HD595s that I aint gonna use (guess i'll see if richer sounds wanna buy them)

Can anyone comment on the surround sound quality of the HD555s? Does Anyone have other information about the str-dn 1000 headphone features on US model?

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