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Sony STR-DH800 Speaker Volume Differances


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I recently bought a Sony STR-DH800 off eBay and yesterday I went to plug my two pairs of speakers both 8ohms and realised the speakers connected to `Front A` were so quiet compared to `Front B`. I'm not using bi-amping of any kind, I just want to attach two pairs of stereo speakers and then have the ability to switch between the three modes; SP A, SP B or SP A+B.

However, after some vigorous testing I honestly think my amplifier is faulty because, after connecting the same single speaker to every speaker terminal, I was getting different volumes from each one.

The `Surround` terminals differ from each other with the right being very slightly louder than the left. The `Center `and `Front A` terminals are the quietist all together with the `Center` being very slightly louder, and the `Front B` and `Surround Back` terminals are very loud in comparison to the other two.

The perceived loudness from the louder `Front B` and `Surround` are the decibel levels I would except to hear with wattage this amp is supposed to output, and the size of the speakers I am using. In other words `Front A` and `Center` are far too week compared to the alot louder `Front B` and `Surround` speaker terminals.

I should point out thst all the music I was testing didn't have any drastic steroe field with most of it being quite mono compatible. In addition i I tested my studio reference headphones on the 1/4" jack port and they were extremely quiet too. However, they are high impedance so I will be checking them on another Hi-Fi amplifier for comparison.

Page 51 in the manual states:-
If you connect an additional front speaker system to the SPEAKERS SURROUND BACK/BI-AMP/FRONT B terminals, select "SPK B".

From reading that I should be able to connect two pairs of speakers to Front A and Front B. Yet somehow, `Surround` and `Front B` speaker terminals are far louder than `Front A` and `Center`..!

I have factory reset the amplifier several times by holding down the power button from off for a few seconds and the pressing the Enter button to clear the settings.

I have even phoned Sony yesterday who have advised me to speak to their engineers. I already had gone through a pretty thorough diagnostics inspection prior to the call, so they just said I've already covered all bases and they can only now pass me onto the experts who can share the technical data with me. However, due to the current situation we're in i may have trouble getting hold of them anytime soon.

Hopefully someone has had some experience with these Sony amps and can shed some light please

Many thanks in advance.



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Ok, so have you manually reset all the channel gains to zero, set all speakers to the same size and set all the delays to zero? Do this manually rather than relying on the reset.

It seems unlikely that the amplifier gains would change, but given the relative age of this amplifier it's not impossible.

The headphone output on these is a separate amplifier circuit, not driven off the main amplifier, so don't let that lead you astray in your fault finding.

For Sony to give you any level of support for such an old budget amplifier is great, but don't expect them to do much more.

It's probably not worth repairing if it has gone faulty, so maybe cut your losses and get something a bit newer if you can afford it.


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I've gone though all of the menus including setting distances to zero and setting them to the same size. I think the main amplifier is warn out. My old Dual CR 5950 amplifier did a better job at kicking out good output to both pair of speakers and that was only 60w per channel. It's now being used with a record player in another room with other speakers hence I'm after a second amplifier.
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