Sony STR-DH790 sound modes


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I recently upgraded my AV receiver to a Sony STR-DH790 to use with my Tannoy TFX 5.1 speakers and BK Gemini II subwoofer. When using previous Pioneer AV receiver, I left it on auto surround but can't find an equivalent setting for my new Sony AV receiver. Can anyone advise which are the best sound modes for watching movies in 5.1 surround sound, gaming with surround sound, watching regular TV with stereo sound, and listening to records on a turntable?

So far I've been switching it to "neural x" in movie mode and switching it to music mode with enhanced audio when listening to records. The music mode is apparently designed to improve the sound of compressed MP3s but the regular stereo mode doesn't incorporate the subwoofer.

On another topic, I have also replaced my TV with an LG CX 55 to use with my PS5. Since I am using the PS5 to watch movies and play games on the same HDMI input, is there a way to make it automatically switch to movie and gaming picture mode settings? If not, is there a general setting that's ideal for movies and gaming?

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