Sony STR-DH790 Linear PCM issue


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Newbie here,
So I have a Sony TV KD55XF9005 that I connected via HDMI ARC to the Sony STR-DH790, I also have a Sony UPB-X800M2 connected to the receiver. I have also connected Left, Right and Front speaker, no subwoofer yet, it is coming later. When I play blurays I get Dolby Surround, also with apps from the TV like Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, but when I play TV from coax, Youtube app, VLC app or some other apps, I only get linear PCM, so its the same sound on all three speakers. I did connect a optical sound cable from the TV to the Receiver, but nothing changed. Anyone have a clue what I can do to get this to work as it is supposed?

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Dolby Surround is an upmixing mode and not an audio format.

Set your TV's digital audio output setting option to something other than PCM. The PCM setting on a TV will result in all audio being downmixed to just 2 channels and then output as 2 channel PCM.

Also note that nothing on YouTube would ever be anything more tha 2 channel stereo in nature. Don't try to get native multichannel surround via YouTube because nothing hosted on it includes such audio.

Even if applying Dolby Surround Upmixing to a 2 channel source, you'd still get different auduio via the front 3 speakers.

The digital audio output setting on your TV should be set to an option that equates to BITSTREAM.
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Thanks for the answer, it seems that it was actually my own fault, everything is set as it should. I just needed to press the correct button on the remote control(Movie). Now it works just like I want.

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