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Jul 13, 2021
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Hi, I joined this forum to ask this question. I hope I am posting it in the correct place.

As background of what I am generally trying to do, I am trying to set up audio streaming from my 80-year-old father's home entertainment system to his Oticon More hearing aids, using the Oticon TV Adapter 3.0. This adapter has RCA (red/white) in and also has optical in. It has no other settings. If audio is coming into the box, it streams it directly to his hearing aids, for a better and clearer listening experience than listening to the speakers. We have successfully tested this using the headphone output on the front of the receiver. However, he wants the speakers to also work for other people watching TV with him. Of course, when the headphone jack is in use, there is no other sound output, so it works for my dad but not for anyone else.

To try to solve this, I bought a "J-Tech Digital Premium Quality 1080P HDMI To HDMI + Audio (SPDIF + RCA Stereo) Audio Extractor Converter (JTDAT5CH)" on Amazon. I tried to post the link but it was blocked. It would be easy to look up there.

Before installing this, we had HDMI in to the receiver from various sources (cable box, Blu-Ray, Apple TV), and HDMI out to the TV. The TV set itself received audio, so, the HDMI from the receiver to the TV does or did carry audio.
After installing it, we have the same HDMI in, but HDMI out goes to the J-Tech box. Then HDMI goes out from the other side of the J-Tech box, to the TV.

This does deliver picture to the TV, and has no effect on use of the home entertainment system.

However, it does not seem to output audio, using either the J-Tech red/white RCA out, or the optical out. In addition to the streaming device itself not appearing to receive audio (it has status indicator lights that show when it is streaming audio, and those have remained off during my testing of this device), I also connected the RCA out to a headphone adapter, and plugged that into the AUX In on a boombox, and the boombox also received no sound.

The J-Tech box has a toggle switch. I have tried all three settings.

The receiver has various sound modes. I cycled through them all, and I could hear minor differences in the sound coming from the speakers, but did not notice any change int he status lights on the Oticon streamer.

I periodically unplugged the Oticon streamer's power, waited, and plugged it back in, in case it needs to reset to pick up audio. However, I did this more "spot check" style than with every single mode change. I don't really think this is the issue, since I also cycled while using the AUX input into the boombox, and never heard any sound coming from the boombox.

I have seen references to the Oticon streamer needing the sound to be in a compatible mode, but I am not sure what that mode is, or how to get the sound there through these two devices. And in any case, I don't seem to be getting sound of any sort to the boombox. I don't know what to troubleshoot at this point, the receiver, the J-Tech box, the cables etc.

To map it out in case the way I worded anything in a confusing way:
Before: Audio goes from source (cable box, Apple TV, etc) to receiver and from receiver to speakers. Video goes from source (cable box, Apple TV, etc) to receiver and from receiver to TV.
Goal: Same except audio also gets split off by the J-Tech box on the way from the receiver to the TV, and then gets piped from the J-Tech box to the Oticon TV streaming device.

Update 1: I plugged the Apple TV directly to the J-Tech splitter, and the splitter via optical to the hearing aid streamer, and it works. So it's something to do with the receiver, I suppose.

Update 2: I read that the J-Tech box only works with Dolby Digital signals. I speculate that the Apple TV sends Dolby Digital, but the receiver either does not, or I don't have the correct settings selected.

Hoping I am missing something obvious to someone here, who can point me in the right direction. Thanks for any guidance!
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If sound gets to the TV speakers as it was originally connected, then why not use the TV's headphone out socket or its optical out to the Oticon box when watching a source plugged into the Sony?

No need for a hdmi splitter then?

Maker website download area:
Oticon TV Adapter 3.0 - technical data sheet states PCM stereo and Dolby Digital (but only 2.0 i.e. stereo) is supported. That may mean any internal TV tuner or streaming apps have to be set to stereo only to work on the Oticon.
Partly because it would result in a cable dangling down the wall below the TV, since it is mounted, but I may try that again. fwiw, the TV is a Sony XBR75X850F 2018 model. I did try it initially, without luck, but that was early in my learning curve with this streamer. I will try again if I can't get the splitter/receiver to work. For now, I plugged up the Apple TV directly to the splitter, since that is about 80% of what he uses.

I typically set the receiver to 2-channel stereo, since it isn't hooked to a surround sound system anyway, just two big front speakers. I have toggled through "PCM" among other options without it working with the splitter and Oticon setup so far. I went in the Amp menu, under HDMI, and chose HDMI Out / Amp. I have tried "Two-channel multi". I am starting to wonder if either the receiver doesn't use the format I need, or if I am being misled by a delay in when streaming begins after you toggle. Maybe you have to wait 30 seconds and I am only waiting 20 seconds or something like that.

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Got it working! Someone offline suggested going in my receiver to "Amp menu -> HDMI - HDMI Out -> TV+AMP". That did it. Thanks, and maybe this will help somebody in the future with similar issues.
Yay. :clap:

It must have been like that when it worked on both AVR and TV speakers originally, and somehow got toggled off in all the excitement and experimenting you did?

PS I was looking in the Sony manual for something like that option (but failed to spot it), as I had a feeling many AVRs default to sending video only from them to the TV so would account for no sound to the splitter. But as you said it worked for the TV before trying the splitter....

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