Sony STR-DH520 - Please help cant get good picture on pc!


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ok ordered the Sony STR-DH520 and 5.1 setup. connected all my devices and everything seems ok apart from the pc screen is no longer full size by default and not as sharp, very grainy and fuzy. if i unplug the hdmi cable and go straight into the tv it becomes full size again and looks brilliant.

i tried upscanning on the pc which sorts the boarder bit, but the quality is terrible,

i tried all the settings above


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If I understand you correctly - you are connecting the PC via HDMI to the TV and the edges of the screen are missing ? If you are not getting the edge information from the PC, then you need to go into the TV menu and find the "Full pixel" setting via the "settings", then "screen" or "display" menu. I don't have this TV but Sony normally call it "Full pixel" mode. LG may call it something else.
This will enable the total area from the PC to display correctly.
Hope this helps. If your TV accepts Full HD then go for the 1080 setting output from the PC, for best picture.
There may also be a setting on the TV for optimum graphics, in the menu.
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no sorry, if i connect the pc to the TV directly it works, great res and looks sharp. if i connect the TV to the SONY receiver then to the TV, i get the undersized image and a grainy picture, no matter what res i choose


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I guess the connection from the Sony Receiver to the TV is via HDMI ?
If not, it needs to be.
Ignoring the PC for a moment - what resolution is the Sony sending into the TV, and is the TV recognising that resolution or altering it ?

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