Sony STR-DE698/S 7.1 Receiver - Any Reviews or Alternatives?


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Hi, does anyone have any experience with the Sony STR-DE698/S 7.1 receiver?

I keep seeing different specs mentioned as to whether it output 100 or 150 watts per channel too, is there a definitive answer?

Anyway, just wondering what people's impressions were and if there were any alternatives for around the same money?




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Both are correct for the 698, as they are the sound measurements in 2 different formats, its late & I haven't got the time to look up all the technical explainations to give to you, so a basic explaination is, its abit like celsius & farenheit for temperature reading, one gives you a bigger number than the other, even though they are the same,
& of course the marketing people like to make there product seem better than a competitors, its not a very nice practice, & most manufactures under pressure from consumer groups stopped doing it a while a go,
so the 100 rating would generally be the rating to use in comparing with other products.

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