Sony STR-DB940 Receiver - Help turning off Bass needed?


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I've recently moved into a new flat and my neighbours above me keep complaining they can hear the bass from my flat.

The trouble is all I'm watching is regular TV at regular volume levels, nothing loud at all. I've tried fiddling with various options to kill the bass completely but it has not helped. I cannot hear the bass he is talking about.

I have tried so far:

1. I haven't plugged my subwoofer in period (so I have 5.0 not 5.1).
2. I have turned off the subwoofer output on my amp.
3. I have turned off the LFE MIX completely.
4. I have enabled Dynamic Range Compression - Setting it to the "Standard" setting (one down from Maximum) - But I believe this doesn't work for Analogue signals anyway.
5. I have set the Centre, Front and Rear Bass DB rating to 0 - I have not tried setting it to -10 yet (as in minus 10) but I am reluctant to do this as it lowers the volume a far bit.

None seems to be enough. I'm pretty sure he is being picky but regardless it will only get to the point he becomes annoyed and complains to the landlord. I've only been in a month so would rather try and avoid that. He has only complained from 10pm-12am so I am guessing it's when he is trying to get to sleep, not that helps me much.

Oddly I have watched a few Dolby Digital 5.1 DVDs really late at night (1am-3am) and he's not complained about those period. I'm guessing this is because:

A. He is asleep by then.
B. It's so late he doesn't want to come down by then.
C. The Dynamic Range Compression is working - I can definitely hear the overall sound being dampened.

At the moment I am having to watch TV during these hours using my TV's speakers which really, really sucks.

Any help to turn off the bass completely would be appreciated??? Thanks

p.s - I've not gone up yet to hear it for myself not that that would help much anyway.


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As far as the Centre, Front and Rear bass goes as well as a DB setting there is also a Hz setting. I guess it means Hertz but am unsure how best to set it to reduce the bass.

Any ideas? It ranges from 100Hz to 5Khz. I have it set to 250Hz.


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Obviously your flats are poorly sound-insulated. Even with a loud TV you can hear the bass upstairs, even when people are talking (which is a bassy sound). So I don't think it's a case of a settign on your receiver, it's a case of not putting it on after 10pm. It sucks, but that's how it is when you live in a falt or shared house.


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Thanks for the reply. You don't think there is "anything" I can do?

He's not complained about my music having any bass (which I also run quietly). I'm hoping he doesn't as it would mean no music period after 10pm. My TV at least has it's own speakers.


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Good idea. I think I'd prefer my TV speakers to headphones though, it's definitely something to consider though.


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On the remote, there is a button for Bass Boost, which when activated, is displayed on the front of the amp by a lit indicator (on the left side I believe, NOT on the main LED display area).

Make sure that your Bass Boost is not on....failing that, perhaps go buy some old Amstrad Hifi speakers....that'll cure the bass issue! :rotfl:


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Thanks Top Geeza.

I know the button you mean and you know what I have yet to actually notice any difference using it. If it does actually boost the base boy it does it minutely. Historically I've left it on but really I can notice zero difference with it on or off.


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so i guess it leaves your options pretty limited...

These include....either, go down the amstrad/matsui speaker route
or perhaps 'reliably inform' your neighbour that you live in an earthquake zone! :rotfl::rotfl:

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