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Im looking for a "new" second hand amp, the sony STR DB930 has taken my fancy, spesh for the price (there going for around the £100 mark these days). Are there any other amps that are around this mark that I should look out for, that offer the same power a features as the sony?

One of the reasons I like the sony is because I like to crank up the volume a bit when I have guests over, and its the only amp in the price range, thats true to its power ratings of 5x100w (about 93wpc RMS) according to HCC. Most that I have read about in its price range boast that much, but are only about 60 or so per channel if less.

Would like to get a new one soon, as at the moment im using the DVD player as the decoder and using 3 technics amps I got from a car boot in order to give the power :suicide: , but I've lost alot of the quality, and this is quite noticable with my new Mordaunt Short speakers :thumbsdow .

Any ideas and opinions would be appriciated, thanks. :thumbsup:


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I had the Sony 930 for a number of years, at £100 it's a bargain and should do you just fine.

You could look out for a Yamaha 3090 for more grunt but less features, lack of DTS being one.


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