Sony STR-DB930 no Dolby Digital


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Hi all,

I have as you can probably guess by topic I own a Sony STR-DB930 receiver and am experiencing 2 issues with it.

First one is that when playing back sound from a source set to output Dolby Digital 5.1 ( like our Digital TV decoder or Blu-Ray player) it doesn't pick up the Dolby Digital as such, it seems to think it's 2.0 audio so the blue led doesn't light up and the sound is processed as Dolby Surround Pro Logic. However, DTS signals do get the blue led and are processed as DTS (3/2). I checked all settings I can think of but can't force the receiver to go DD.

The Blu Ray player output is through coaxial and Digital TV is optical
I'm not sure if it ever worked correctly before but I think it did when I first bought it. ( it's been a while :) )

Second problem is that when using the 2nd speakers output (B), the sound quality is just awful. No matter what sound output mode I choose ( 2 channel stereo or surround), the speakers in the kitchen sound like a 50's radio, and they're professional JBL speakers. That's just not right.
It's the same of only B or A+B are selected.
It sounds this bad from every input I tried.

This is a big disappointment as that feature is one of the main reasons I bought the receiver to start with.

The manual is of no help ( big surprise there :rolleyes:)
I posed this question 1 year ago but didn't get any helpful response, I thought I's try again now.

So any help will be much appreciatedè!:lease:


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