SONY STR-DB790 Remote


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Here you go. If you want a better one I'll try again tommorrow in the daylight.



I'm seriously considering the Sony but I'd like to know what sort of bass cut out frequencies it has.

I was looking at an Onkyo 601 and it clearly states 80,100,120 etc.

Could you or anyone tell me if the 790 has these bass management optins.



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I bought the Sony without seeing the remote, and I'm happy with it - seems a lot better than the hideous controls with the equivalent Yamaha's etc.

It also functions as sort of system remote. You can't train it, but it has codes for most common AV kit. I've got mine controlling the basic functions on my Toshiba TV/DVD and a Panasonic VHS desk without problems. Haven't managed to get my Cambridge Audio CD player or my NTL digital box working yet. It would probly work best with Sony AV equipment.


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If does DTS ES, DPL2, DD EX. I can only compare it to my old YamahaRXV396(?), and a mates Sherwood and the difference is night and day. The remote only really does basic functions. I took the Pronto route after getting wound up by a Mosaic and then the Sony Remote Commander - what a name!


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Originally posted by Tom3316
is it a good reciever then i have heard loads of good reviews. does it do DTS ES Discrete

Yes, and DTS ES Matrix too. Oh and DTS 96/24 :)


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You really should open a new thread for this... :lesson:

/Edit - Oh he did, just replied to an existing topic after....

Anyway, Dolby Digital/DTS etc need a digital input configured as a bitstream. The Sony automatically detects the sound format when in AFD mode. There's a button for it on the remote and the front panel. If that doesn't work checkyour DVD player (or whatever) is set to output digital audio as a bitstream. PCM will only give 2 channel output.

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