Sony STR-DB790 Receiver Problem


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Just bought this superb receiver from Empire Direct, does not output DTS-ES with the appropriate Dvd's, always defaults to Dolby Digital, using with Arcam DV88 player, any thoughts out there?

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I don't know the DVD player - but are you getting dts 5.1? Or are you not getting dts at all? If the answer to 1 is I am getting dts, then the problem is either:
a. You have selected the wrong audio track in the DVD language menu. Most DVD's that carry a DD & dts track will default to the DD track. Go to the spoken language menu and manually select dts.
b. You have not swithed the surround back speaker on. In the speaker set up menu on the amp, scroll down until it says SB...switch this to "yes" (providing you have a sixth speaker). Then, in the custom menu, switch "SB" to either "auto" or "mtrx". switching to "auto" will allow the amp to detect the sorround back speaker itself, switching to "mtrx" will leave it switched on all the time.
If the answer is "I am not getting dts at all", then it's probably a player related problem, which I'm afraid I know nothing about...

BTW, I don't actually own this amp, but my local Sony centre were kind enough to photocopy an instruction manual for me as I am "in the market" for something to tie me over for a year. The thing is, I hope they don't think I'm going to buy one from them when it actually £70 cheaper and in stock from Unbeatable...!!:eek: :rotfl:


Probably best to leave DTS-ES set to MATRIX at all times due to flagging problems on some discs : no harm comes of it (assuming you have a centre rear speaker, that is !).

As the poster above says, may be the fact you're not selecting the DTS soundtrack from the disc menu, or maybe you need to alter the DTS output setting on your DVD player to BITSTREAM or RAW.

Also, I assume you are hooked up via a digital cable (optical or coaxial). If you're hooked up via 5.1 phono to phono leads, then chances are your player does not decode DTS, only DD.

Hope that helps :)


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I have this amp but am new to it myself
Check that its not something weird like all speakers have to be set to large. I know that for DTS 192Khz they all need to be large else its defaults to 48Khz.

Also all Sony full manuals can be downloaded from their site. Ive done this and its useful to have a second set so u can scribble on it

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