Sony STR-DB780 or Pioneer VSXD 711



Hi, i have narrowed my choice down to the 2 above. I will be running the receiver with the KEF egg surround speaker set. I would like to have the receiver with the easiest set-up and preferable with a multi remote so i can handle all the other bits and pieces like Skybox/Video/DVD with the one remote.
So which one to go for?


Dutchie - In the same quandry as you mate. Erring towards the Pioneer as it offers 'Midnight listening' which is helpful for keeping SWMBO happy when watching late in the evening, downside is no on-screen setup which was useful on my Denon AVR-2700. Does anyone know if either offer a switched power outlet on the back to power my other separates, plug sockets are at a premium in my front room!!


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Not sure if this will still be relevant (I guess you've bought by now), but the Sony doesn't have switched output. If you're short on sockets, try this .

I doubt 'midnight mode' on the Pioneer will be that impressive - surely all it does is ruin the sound?


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