Sony str-db1070


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Hi all, happy new year to you all, ok a little early. I have the above amp and i cannot find instructions. I bought a new dvd /blue ray player today and on the back there is no scart or optical out lets, i am so out of touch with this new hi tech stuff. I connected the HDMI eo the tv and now what LOL. The small sony dvd player has an coaxil out let and my lovely amp has an coaxil inlet. But I am toatlly confused, as i already have the sony ps3 connected and i am adding a new dvd player as wellas the ps3.
Can someone advise step by step on how i can install my new dvd player and to work 5.1 on my amp please.
I am also so confued as wheni press the test button on the amp it sound s all the speakers except the rear left and right, i am totally lost and i cannot get this to work. Like i said i am so out of touch and have forgotten how to play with my amp. I would be so gratefull for a step by step for dummies set up please. Thanks
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