Sony STR-DB1070 Vs any ProLogic II Reciever

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by enajh2, Dec 11, 2001.

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    Loughborough, England

    I recently received my Sony DVP-N900S for DVD/SACD. I am looking to purchase a receiver to suit stereo music, films, and the multichannel output from the DVD player for SACD.

    I am aware the DB1070 has a secondary multichannel input (which I could use to make a connection from my 4-channel Creative soundcard in my PC). Does anyone know of any other receivers with this option?

    At a minimum, I am looking for 6 channel input for SACD, would like ProLogic II and extended surround with a single centre rear (discrete or matrixed)

    I am considering the Marantz SR5200, the Onkyo TX-DS595, or the Denon 2802 also.

    Given that the DB1070 has the same styling as my QS-range player would I be at a loss if I did not have ProLogic II for my VHS tapes and NTL broadcasts through buying the Sony reciever?

    Should I wait until the details on the STR-VA555ES are confirmed (ref. ProLogic II availability as on the US STR-DA5ES)? Of course, I'd need to save a little longer for this one!!!


    Alan Hazell
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    Not sure if you know or not - but if you are considering the 1070 against the competitors you mention you should know that the 1070 can also decode Dolby 5.1 EX & dts ES 6.1 discrete.

    It seems Sony have made the player compatible with these formats but are not allowed to advertise it or put it in the features guide because they have not 'paid' for the certification from THX & dts........

    Just thought you should know this as I didn't when I bought mine.
    I was quite delighted when I put 'Se7en' in and the channel decoding display came up 3/2+1 for dts 6.1 ES.

    You are right that it does not have DPII - I haven't heard it yet but there has been some discussion aruond the boards as to whether DPII is all that it is cracked up to be......others may disagree.

    Also the 1070 has a great Sony DCS featuer called Cinema Studio A,B,& C which does a great job of livening up DPL VHS movies.

    Please note that I am in Australia and the 1070 may have slightly different specifications to UK ?
    Although Ian J has confirmed the 3/2+1 in his and he up your way so it looks like you would be right there.

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