sony STR-DA5300ES AV Receiver HDMI sound problem



Hello to anyone who can help me with my Receiver HDMI sound problem,

I Have the sony STR-DA5300ES receiver and the PS3 connected through HDMI , the video picture is working fine, but I hear no sound, I go to the ps3 sound setting, and set to HDMI audio out, ( it has alot of 5.1 digital, linear 2.1,linear 5.1 linear 7.1 and so on) I tick them all. and accept the setting by clicking the accept. still no luck to get the sound to the receiver, but when I connect the optical line and go to ps3 sound setting to get the sound out through optical line, the sound come through to the sony receiver fine , but only at 5.1 channel digital , so the sound working ok on optical line but no success at the HDMI line.
Please do anyone has the same problem, and how do you fix the problem? Any help would be most welcome.
Thank you in advance.


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I seem to recall a similar problem with the 3300ES and a PS3, so do a search on this forum. IIRC it turned out to because he was using a HDMI to DVI cable on the monitor output. There will be an owners thread on here for your amp, so read through the thread and I'm sure someone will be using a PS3 with HDMI and be able to help. All I can suggest is what you've already done i.e. check the audio settings and BD/DVD settings on the PS3 and ensure the amp is set up correctly.

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