Sony STR-DA3200ES - 5.1 +Bi-amp & B speaker setup?


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I have my Receiver in a 5.1 setup with the fronts bi-amped.
It is the surround back connections that are set to bi-amp the fronts (although they also have a Zone 2 configuration)
I am thinking of setting up another pair of speakers in another room and wondered if the currently free B speaker terminals would work in this setup.

The main reason I ask is if I switch to the B speakers with none connected, there is still an output from the tweeters of the A speakers.
I am hoping that this will not happen when the B speakers are connected.

So, can I maintain the current 5.1 speaker setup with bi-amped fronts and just add a pair of speakers to the B speaker terminals?
I need to know before I buy the additional speakers.


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The Sony has 2 pairs of independently switched stereo outputs for speakers. You can connect two pairs of stereo speakers to the A and B terminals and use both pairs simultaneously or each independently. The two pairs will mirror the same output and cannot be configured to output two different sources. The two sets of terminals share the same amplification between them so care should be taken in terms of speaker impedance as this will be halved and could cause overheating if high and unchecked volumes are used. Unlike the bi-amp/back speakers, you need not alter settings in order to fascilitate the use of two pairs of speakers, the A/B switch is all that is needed to control the output.


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Thank you for all the information, it looks like there's nothing stopping me going ahead with the 2nd pair of speakers then!
Although I am likely to use them independently of each other, I will make sure I take account of the impedance.
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