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Hi. I was hoping someone may be able to help to cast some light on a problem I have been experiencing of late with my Sony STR-DA2400ES Receiver. I appreciate it is not a new piece of kit (purchased 2011) but has performed well and not really had a tremendous amount of use over the years.
In the last while, however, it has developed an issue that it will drop into ‘protection mode’ and the sound will drop out until it resets itself.
This has sometimes happened when not being particularly driven hard too, which I thought was odd.
From what I was able to find online when looking for a solution, I have tried checking and remaking all the speaker connections again to ensure there is no stray copper and have also had the case apart and carefully vacuumed several years of dust out (actually, there was surprisingly little). Once all back together, ran the auto calibration speaker set up again and put a BluRay on to test. All seemed good! Unfortunately, a couple of days later when next watching a movie, same problem happened again.
Am now anxiously looking for info as to how best repair the problem. Its been a great device and, other than this issue, still performs perfectly. Am guessing one of the components has failed?
So the dilemma now is - repair or replace? In the current climate, the budget doesn’t really exist to replace, although i was looking at the Sony STR 1080 maybe.
Would anyone know what the cause is of the protection mode dropping in - and, hopefully, of a possible fix for this? I haven’t tried a factory reset - is this likely to help, I wonder?
Be a great sadness to part with what is an otherwise fully functioning receiver if it was still repairable. Any advice or assistance would be most welcome. Many thanks.

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