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Sony STR-DA2400ES: Connecting a passive subwoofer


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I'm considering buying the Sony STR-DA2400ES or the STR-DG 820.

Problem is, I have a passive subwoofer with my speaker set and it only has the red and black(+ and -) connecter for the speaker wires. The 2 amps I have mentioned have only the monoaural audio cord connector to connect to a sub.

How do I connect the two? Is there a special cable for this, or an adaptor?

This is the only thing stopping me buying an amp at the moment.

Also, is it worth spending the extra dosh for the 2400? Is it that much better?



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If these speakers are from an all-in-one ensure they are compatible. If they are low impedence rated (ohms) they're not designed for use with anything other than the unit they shipped with.


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Personally I would sell your old system on as a whole and get new speakers as using those with a new amp will not release the full potential of your new amp. Yes, they will work. I know that the 820 is designed to be used with 8 ohm speakers but this figure is nominal so as long as you don't go nuts with the volume, you should be fine but there is a potential to damage the speakers and the amp. Hopefully the amp's protection circuitry would cut in before that happened. I know that Onkyo, Yamaha, Denon et al will work with 6ohm speakers no bother and usually have a switch or setting in the amp setup to switch between impedence ratings. What will you do with the DVD unit from the all-in-one if you use the speakers (the sub can't be used)? Bit of a waste if you just chuck it.

The 2400ES is a considerable step up from the 820 in terms of quality of build and components which ultimately leads to better sound quality. Demo in store to hear the differences for yourself. Why limit your choices to Sony? Sony are jack of all trades when it comes to electronics and don't really excel with AV kit. I would be looking at Denon, Marantz, Yamaha, Onkyo and Pioneer in addition to the Sony models you picked.


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The amp in the DVD player is on its last legs, that's why I thought of using the speakers with a new amp.

Looks like i'll have to get a new set of speakers as well then.

Thanks for the advice.


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Sony STR-DA2400ES review - whathifi.com

Looking at the above review suggests thatWhat Hi Fi magazine rated a 5* and a contender for amp of the year ?

I am also therefore looking this one, but understand from many other reviewers that ONKYO 606 or a Yamaha 763 are good options ( although the Yam does not have a tuner ???). the 863 does but its £300 more.

Why do people think the Sony is below the ONKYO ? the spec sheets are as good as if not better ?

PS : I will be playing thru a set of Kef3005SE s if my budget gets that far.


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I'm confused. I thought the STR-DA2400ES could only handle active subwoofers?

Any amp can accommodate a passive sub, but the passive sub would have to share the power being output to the fron L and R speakers. This effectively halves the power to each. You also do not get the ability to calibrate the subwoofer output in relation to the other speakers. The sub would not be recognised by the amplifier and would be treated as though it were the front speakers. You can direct LFE channel to the front speaker terminals, but the filtering of the frequencies would be totally dependant on the sub's and the speakers onboard crossovers.


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Thanks for you reply. How would you connect this though, as you only got one cable coming from the subwoofer?

The AMP as got two channels for front speakers. A+B. If I got the front speakers to A, should I put the subwoofer to one of the B channels then? Left or right?

Also, I've set the amp to 8ohms as all speakers incl. the sub are rated as that. Does that make a difference to the way I connect the sub?

Is there no chance of damaging the AMP?

Also, what is the LFE channel? How do I redirect it and what is the advantage?

Sorry for all the questions, but I'm new to this.
If your passive subwoofer is of the most basic type, its unlikely to have any internal crossover at all. If it came from an all in one its feasible that the supplied amp dealt with the crossover function.

Whilst Dante is correct I would take that as best case, assume you have the worst case and buy an active sub.

Otherwise, you are not going to get the quality/functionality that you anticipated when purchasing your receiver (for the reasons Dante outlined earlier).
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Thanks William.

Yes, I'm using the speakers from my previous all in one system (DAV-SC5) until I get my new ones.

Bearing the specs of the old speakers and the specs of my new Sony amp in mind, what is the best way of connecting the sub for now (as the front, centre and rear speakers can't generate any bass to speak of). And how shall I set up the amp?

Based only on my belief that SS-WS5 subwoofer doesn't have an internal crossover I do not believe it can be used, even temporarily.


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Just out of curiosity. What would happen if I hooked the sup up to the front L/R channels?

Not a lot. It would just act like a regular speaker if it lacks a crossover that you can control. A pretty nasty sounding regular speaker.

Any idea of its frequency handling abilities?
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100 W (4ohms at 100Hz, THD 10%) is all I can see. The manual is here http://pdf.crse.com/manuals/4248408122.pdf

The bottom line is it just won't work.

As it only has one pair of connections and has no crossover circuitry it would sound like an awful speaker doing its best to output the full range of frequencies, rather than bass, from whichever 2400 channel you connect it to.

You obviously chose wisely in the Receiver Department so please treat it to some speakers and a sub that will allow you to appreciate what the 2400 is really capable of.:smashin:


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Thank William. I've decided to get the Q Acoustics 2000 series 5.1 cinema pack (can always buy more suround speakers later). My budget is limited and these seem to be the best at this price range. Would you say it woudl be a good match to the STA-DA2400ES?
Thank William. I've decided to get the Q Acoustics 2000 series 5.1 cinema pack (can always buy more suround speakers later). My budget is limited and these seem to be the best at this price range. Would you say it woudl be a good match to the STA-DA2400ES?

I appreciate you taking my comments in the vein they were intended.

I have no experience of that package but if it comes with a powered subwoofer Its definately a step in the right direction and will be infinitely better than your original plan.:smashin:


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Hi again,

So, I finally got my speakers.

I've done the speaker auto calibration and that worked OK.

However, I got the following questions that I would really appreciate some answers for.

1. How shall I set the crossover? The amp gives me options in Hz, e.g. 130, but the speaker spec states it in kHz, e.g. 2.7.
2. Shall I set the amp to 8 or 4 ohms and is there a benefit one way or another?

The following is the speaker specs
Front and rear
• Frequency Response: 68Hz - 22kHz
• Nominal Impedance: 6Ω
• Minimum Impedance: 4Ω
• Sensitivity: 86dB
• Recommended Power: 15 - 75w
• Crossover Frequency: 2.8kHz

• Frequency Response: 75Hz - 22kHz
• Nominal Impedance: 6Ω
• Minimum Impedance: 4.4Ω
• Sensitivity: 89dB
• Recommended Power: 25 - 100w
• Crossover Frequency: 2.7kHz

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